Writing this post from the side of the road. The van we rent in the summer to haul the tables, tents, and market setup gear broke down again. This is the second breakdown in three weeks…

We’re contemplating farming in the South if this weather keeps up, we hope this is not how summers are going to be. While the tomatoes are doing well, the peppers are showing signs of heat damage. The cool season crops are suffering: we’ve lost a lot of greens to the heat and to wildlife, that prefers our relatively lush vegetation to the woodier wild stuff. We haven’t had good rains in a while, so the wild vegetation becomes woody and thus not so desirable to the deer, woodchucks, and other animals.

Overall, the summer crops—such as squash—are doing great, and that will be reflected in the share, but the greens will be a little tougher due to the heat.

– Zaid