Just did a little search for Jerusalem artichoke recipes (aka Sunchoke). Most say that prep should include scrubbing (but not peeling) and either slicing thinly or chopping into one-inch or smaller chunks, then quickly dropping into acidulated water to prevent discoloring. Then use in any number of ways, such as these below:

Many online sources suggest combining with potatoes, then boiling and mashing together with desired seasonings (salt/pepper/garlic, etc). Others say they work well roasted: scrubbed (no need to peel), then tossed with a little oil and placed in a single layer in a baking sheet at 450 for only a few minutes (6-8). Roasting with carrots is also recommended (I still have a good number of those from previous Thursday pick-ups). Another method: fried in a little oil at 350 for a couple of minutes, then served with dip as an appetizer. If very fresh (as ours are today), they’re said to be great grated into salads or as part of a crudite platter. There are also several suggestions for cream soup and sunchoke gratin — heavy on the cream and cheese, of course.

One caveat: chowhound.com warns of a certain gassy aftereffect. This is said to be a by-product of the tuber’s chemical makeup and is prevented with Beano.

Aren’t new foods fun?!