I’m back from my trip for about a week now. It is good to be home; with one exception and that is the 1.5′ of snow on the ground here.

The farm is under its winter cover and it has not been warm enough to harvest any greens. We hope by March to have some greens in the share. We thank all those who took advantage of the discount and sent in payments. (We also want to thank both old and new members for signing up earlier.) That will pave the way for getting up and running smoothly.

In our travels to find workers we went to Turkey and Bulgaria and found some candidates but none with the experience of the Egyptians. There are possibilities but much more needs to be done for recruiting. Our last stop was in Egypt and we were there during the first two days of the revolution. It was exciting to witness history unfolding and see first hand what happened on the ground. We hope there fervor becomes contagious and affects all people to pay more attention to what their governments are up to—because almost none has the best interest of the average person at heart.

Our deepest concern this time is for the people of Egypt and for their aspirations to be free from dictators. Please contact your representative and urge them not to support Mid East dictators. In the long run this will only create hatred and animosity towards America.

As you know our farm relies on the guys from Egypt. We had a scare earlier in the year when Immigration asked for more information for the application to bring them back. We had to hire a lawyer and finally received notice last Friday that the case was approved! However, the uncertainty lies in whether they can get interviews at the US consulate in Cairo.

Last but not least, mark March 5th on your calendar for the Just Food event. Hope to see you there!

Note: We’ll be posting info on the Just Foods conference very soon.

– Zaid