President’s Day is around the corner and President Obama stated in the most recent State of the Union address that our goal should be using 80% of clean power by 2035. It may seen a far ways off, but we can start today with Organic Foods.

Though they might not be the most economical choice, they are by far the healthier and “greener” choice. Locally grown vegetables and fruits where you know the farmer and the soil where he grows them. These should be the easy choices, eat clean and healthy foods and your body will thank you.

How does organic food help the environment? With organic farming you are no longer contaminating the land with harmful chemicals. Farmers take measures to produce foods without hazardous chemicals and grow crops that are indigenous to the area. This sustainable farming practices preserve and save the land for future generations.

By joining CSA’s that support organic farmers, you are supporting the movement towards a “greener” world and getting delicious vegetables and fruits without all those harmful chemicals.

Enjoy your organic veggies. Make a small change for a healthier environment and an even healthier you!

– Wende