Originally posted in Care 2 by Ronnie Citron-Fink

Gardening can be one of the most rewarding eco-hobbies. It provides healthy exercise with nourishing results.
Now grab your tools and your DIY (party) hat, and put that green thumb to work!

1. DIY Compost Bin
Start collecting kitchen scraps for composting. Skip the pressure-treated wood and opt for creating the compost bin using more sustainable option.

2. Start a Spa Garden
Whip up recipes for spa treatments from easy to grow herbs.

3. Garden Tote
Organize gardening tools is easy with this handy repurposed gardener’s bucket.

4. Seedling Cups
Make planting cups from newspaper. Why? Soy-based ink newspaper becomes biodegradable compost.

5. Repair a Leaky Hose
Hoses crack and leak. Save money and repair them yourself.

6. Build A Birdhouse
Do you love birds? Then build them some beautiful abodes.

7. Sharpen Garden Tools
There’s nothing worse that a dull tools. Sharpening will make your garden chores go faster!

8. Bring A Lawn Back to Life
Wake up and revitalize your dull winter lawn.

9. Build A Garden Edge With Wine Bottles
Like wine? A collection of colorful wine bottles provide the perfect material for upcycled border edge for your garden.

10. Build a Folding Plant Stand
If you start your plants from seed, why not keep those babies displayed on a stand.

Click on each project to read how-to. Enjoy!