A CSA is definitely an economical way to purchase produce, however one of the most common hurdles for new members is the fact that with a CSA you pay for the whole season up front. In general we think of food as a weekly expense, not a seasonal one. No doubt $370 can be a daunting sum to come up with if you haven’t planned ahead, but when broken down that is less than $18 per week. Simply put, a CSA is a terrific investment.

There are also some people who just prefer to do things on-line. It is simple and convenient. With hectic schedules, getting to the post office or a bank for a money order can be difficult. (Does anyone even know what a stamp costs these days?)

With these things in mind we asked the farm if they could set up an option for payment on-line AND THEY HAVE!

This payment option is only available for Veggies and fruit.

The share cost is a little more to cover the processing.

The early bird discount ($40 off if paid by 3/31) IS honored.

In order for organizers to process memberships paid in this manner, proof of payment will be submitted to Angel with all orders.

If you would like to pay on-line the link to the Norwich Meadow CSA Payment page is here.