Banksy's Clean Streets

Banksy’s Clean Streets

Those of us who live in the area know, Liberty Avenue isn’t the greenest or the cleanest place to shop or just walk around. Thanks to the organizing efforts of Sustainable Queens, we have a great opportunity to do something about it!

On Sunday, May 5, 2013 from 10:00am until 3:00pm volunteers will be collecting the overflowing garbage, and other waste found on Liberty Avenue in one spot so the Department of Sanitation can pick it up! Sanitation is making a specific trip to do so as part of Taking Liberty. Making this pile makes a statement: We want our community to be Clean and Green!

If Garbage collection isn’t your thing (Got little kids?! We understand!), there will be plenty of less ‘dirty’ dirt activities you can participate in too: beautifying tree beds, planting flowers and adding a bit of festive art.

All ages are invited. Tools, food, art supplies and more will be provided.

The meeting place where activities will begin is at Lefferts and Liberty by the old Rigas flowershop by the A train.

Questions: Contact us on or 626 493-4326