The beginning of the CSA season is about a month away, and we still have room for more members! If you are still on the fence about signing up, consider these points:

That is a lot of money! Not really – It just seems that way because we are used to budgeting for groceries by the week and with a CSA you pay for the whole season in advance. Break the cost down and it would come out to just $17/week. Remember – This year we have the option to pay via credit card.

But it is just me… Lots of people have work-out buddies. Why not a have a healthy eating buddy? You can split every share, or pick up on alternating weeks. If it is just you, consider freezing, canning and pickling. That way you can enjoy your share all winter. And there is always the option of giving some away. Family, friends, and coworkers – You know there is at least one kale lover among them.

We don’t eat that many vegetables. But you should and you know it. Just like healthy snacks, if you have them on hand then you will eat them. Besides, a CSA is a great way to get to try new produce that you might never have been brave enough to try before. Husk cherry tomatoes are AMAZING!

 We’ll just go to the farmers market. Awesome – If you do it. Going to the farmers market is a great alternative for fresh produce. (Most of the farms that support CSAs in NYC also have stands at the Green Markets.) The real question is, will you really do it? One of the advantage of a CSA is that it is a set routine – Fresh produce arrives every week. All you have to do is stop by and pick it up. Routine reinforces resolutions.

Need more information? Drop us an e-mail: or call 718-323-0793