CSA Cukes


Do you have one of those teens who pulls some carrots and cucumbers out of the fridge and sits down happily munching while checking her phone? What about a little one one who requests broccoli without being bribed with the promise of ice cream? No? Me either. Those kids are like something out of a fairy tale!

Thankfully just because your kids don’t want a salad doesn’t meant they won’t eat veggies at all. Here are 5 pointers to help get the good stuff in them.

Set the example: Eat your veggies. No excuses. You need them too.

Try something new: If you don’t, chances are your kids won’t. Make a different side dish to go with your standards. Try a veggie that you have to research how to prepare. Participate in Meatless Monday. Be brave.

Make veggies an easy option: You might be surprised how quickly veggies will disappear when they are cut and ready to eat on the top shelf in the fridge. Make your vegetables the first dish on the table when everyone is hungry. (I’ve seen a teen sneak roasted brussel sprouts this way. Not kidding!)

Make them pretty: It takes just a minute more, but there is something to be said about foods that are visually appealing. Same is true if they sound appealing, so feel free to rename whatever you are making.

Hide them: Actually don’t, just add them to everything and get your family use to the idea. Lasagna has spinach in it. Ramen noodles have carrot ribbons in them. Yes, those are zucchini muffins. It won’t take long before your family forgets that they every had it any other way.

Join a CSA: It is a shameless plug, but farm fresh veggies taste better. You are never going to win them over with canned peas or a tomato grown 1000 miles away. Get the good stuff and enjoy!