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Are you thinking about adding fruit or yogurt to your CSA share this season? Time is running out to decide. The farm needs to know how much of the ‘extra’ items to order for the season, so our orders need to be in before month end – and that is just a week away!

If you are planning to order just veggies or veggies and fruit you are encouraged to pay on-line. Other extras must be paid for via Money Order. Remember to note which CSA you are with.

In all cases after you pay for your share there is another step you need to take – Submitting your membership form and proof of payment. This can be done via e-mail: or via snail mail to: Ozone Park CSA 92-18 Liberty Ave Ozone Park, NY 11417 Attn: Angel

Types of Greens - Image borrowed from

Types of Greens – Image borrowed from

Getting produce from all over the world means that we can easily forget how the weather can impact the rates that plants grow… Not so with a CSA. That said, we received the following update this week from the farm:

Due to this unusually cold Spring, we cannot confirm at this time a starting date. We are looking at the second or third week in June. Warmer weather could make it the 2nd week and continued cold weather could move it to the 3rd week. We should have a better idea by the end of this month and will let you know as soon as we can so you can plan.

Considering the targeted start is the second week of June anyway, this is not so much news as a reminder – local weather impacts local produce. Last season started a week earlier than anticipated – this year we won’t be so lucky.

We will keep you updated as we get more news from the farm, in the mean time keep your fingers crossed for a season that starts right on time.

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