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Can’t Beet This!


This year the farm is offering a half season share lasting 10 weeks. These shares will be delivered beginning on September 11th and conclude along with the full season shares on November 13th. Fruit shares are also available. 

The price for a half-season/10 week share is $173.00 Fruit is an additional $120.00 

This is an exciting offer because we can tell what kind a season it is already – especially abundant! Most every week we have receiving 9 0r 10 items – sometimes more. To give you an idea of what that means, last week (August 28th) we received: Tomatoes (3 lb), Eggplant (4 lb), Peppers (1.5 lb), Beets (1 lb), Kohlrabi (1), String Beans (1 lb), Leeks (5), Lettuce (2), Fennel (1) & Cabbage (1).

If you are interested in joining please e-mail us at for an application:



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