Three Easy Steps to become a member:

  • Decide what items you would like to receive this season. Vegetable shares are mandatory. All other items are optional.
  • Calculate your total amount due. Submit payment to the farm for your vegetables and other items.
  • Submit member information, order details and proof of payment to the designated Ozone Park CSA Core Member

Email us at to receive our registration form or download it here. Not sure yet? Check our FAQs to get some answers. If you still have questions, drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

Offerings for the 2014 Season:

Vegetable Share: A weekly share includes 5 – 8 (and sometimes more) vegetables delivered to our pick-up site on Thursdays. Along with a steady supply of traditional items such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini and kale, you’ll receive less well known items like garlic scapes, husk cherry tomatoes, black radishes and Jerusalem artichokes. Quantities vary throughout the growing season, but based on member testimony rest assured; the value is unbelievable! $380/Season*

Fruit Share: Choose weekly or biweekly delivery of fruits grown right here in NY State. You will be delighted by the luscious variety that includes berries, grapes, apricots, peaches, plums, and apples. Fruit shares begin slightly later than vegetables (early July) to ensure variety and availability. Quantities vary throughout the growing season. $240/Weekly $120/Biweekly

Eggs: Norwich Meadows Farm chickens are pasture ranged and fed a healthy mix of organic feed and veggie scraps. They also lay exceptionally delicious organic eggs which you can purchase as a part of your share! $115.50/Weekly** $57.75/Biweekly.

Yogurt: This stuff is 32oz of creamy bliss! Each week we receive a variety of flavors that you then choose from. Past flavors have included plain, maple, raspberry, lemon, orange and more. $92.80/Weekly $46.40/ Biweekly.   

Milk: The cream rises to the top in these yummy quarts of whole milk produced by pasture fed jersey cows and bottled up by Ithaca Milk. $53.32/Weekly $26.66/Biweekly

Cheese: 8 oz of cheddar cheese that you can follow from farm to your table. Weekly deliveries offer a variety of flavors from mild to extra sharp and subtle scallion to a fire house hot. $92.80/Weekly $46.40/Biweekly

Honey: Delivered in 1lb jars, we receive clover and wildflower honey from Kutiks Honey farm. Members have been known to take advantage of honey’s naturally long shelf life, ordering weekly deliveries so they can stock up for winter. $86.60/Weekly $43.33/Biweekly

Granola: 1lb of Upstate Harvest Granola. Every member that has tried it comes back for more! (We are dreaming of Friday morning breakfasts: CSA fruit, yogurt and granola). $110.40/Weekly $55.20/Biweekly

Granola for Diabetics: Sugar free Cinnamon Bran-Flax granola in 12oz packages. Simply amazing!  $113.40/Weekly $56.70/Biweekly

*Don’t forget you can take advantage of the $40 discount if farm receives payment by 3/31/13

**While other weekly additional items are supplied for 20/10 weeks, weekly eggs = 22/11 weeks